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Senior Curriculum

St Mary’s Independent School is especially proud of its outstanding academic year on year results.

We achieve this by developing a broad Senior curriculum geared towards maximising the potential of each individual pupil. The emphasis is on establishing a confident and self-motivating attitude towards learning. At the same time, students are taught study skills, whilst daily homework complements the process of learning. The aim is to develop high levels of knowledge, understanding and essential study skills in preparation for GCSE.

All students within Key Stage 3 (years 7 – 8) study the National Curriculum subjects of:

English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Music, French, Creative Arts, Computer Science, Physical Education and Religious Studies.

The school curriculum at Key stage 4 (years 9 -11) consists of a traditional set of compulsory subjects. Students are encouraged to follow an EBacc programme with the opportunity to study up to ten GCSEs. This prepares students well for further study at A level and beyond, as well as a range of technical and vocational studies.

GCSE examination courses in English, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Geography and the Sciences begin in Year 9, to enable our students the best chance of attaining high GCSE results.  This staggered start supports students’ learning and also leads to deeper understanding.

Compulsory GCSE subjects:

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Language, English Literature, French, History or Geography and Religious Education.

Optional Subjects:

Art, Music, Classics, Physical Education, Economics.


Student Progress Reports are generated each half term to help evaluate the progress of students towards their target grades. These reports offer parents a ‘snapshot’ of their child’s current learning.  This information is shared with parents, along with two full reports each year (Christmas and Summer) which provide more detailed information. Parents’ evenings provide an opportunity to formally discuss the academic work of their child. We encourage an open dialogue that makes sure that parents are aware of any issues affecting the ‘learning journey’ of their child. This is achieved through communication with your child’s form tutor, direct email to teachers and an ‘open-door’ approach to the Heads of Department.

Revision classes, targeted learning support and mentoring systems provide additional quality time with students to make sure that they feel confident and able to make progress. The small class sizes and individual attention given to our pupils help them to build resilience and a desire to achieve the best that they can.

Curriculum documents can be found here:

Senior Curriculum

Curriculum Contacts

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