Scholarships & Bursaries


Scholarships are available in the senior department for Maths, Sport, Music, English and Drama. Students achieving the highest grades through the senior department’s entrance examinations in January will be awarded an Academic Scholarship.


Bursaries are a ‘means tested’ bursary award and are given to support families and students that make application on the grounds of restricted income. The process still requires that students sit an entrance examination and parents will need to produce evidence to support this application.

An interview with the Executive Head Teacher / Finance Officer and the confirmation of the Governors will finalise the level of award that can be made. Our independent school bursaries are reviewed annually for any changes in circumstance. On occasions these may be single one off payments. Parents may also make application to Foundations outside of the school for support. A list of these can be provided on request.

The school is a registered charity and actively supports the applications of families irrespective of income. There are limited amounts of money to support both of the above so early applications are recommended.