Nursery Curriculum

The foundation for learning and achieving starts in our Nursery where carefully designed play provides the best conditions for the introduction to reading, writing and number work. Children are also introduced to French through songs, play, puppets and games. This paves the way for beginning their language learning journey at KS1.

Our Nursery provides a safe, caring, happy and stimulating environment in which our children can play and learn. The Early Years are vitally important and formative, and it is by exploring, questioning and doing, that children build up their knowledge of the world around them. The Pre-Prep curriculum and activities are carefully planned to help children learn and succeed in an atmosphere of care and respect. 

Pre-Prep Reception

The curriculum in Reception (Year R) continues from the excellent foundation afforded to children in Nursery. Based on the EYFS areas of learning, pupils in Year R enjoy carefully planned learning activities that ensure they are extremely well prepared for Key Stage 1. In the Reception class, the children will continue to develop their social and interpersonal skills by listening, taking turns and becoming more independent. Our Prep-Prep Reception curriculum means that the children will learn reading, writing and numeracy skills, together with a knowledge and understanding of the world, through the 7 areas of the EYFS. Music and French are also part of the curriculum and a lovely outdoor area means that many activities can take place in the fresh air.

Our strong focus on phonics and maths means that children will start a more formal education as soon as they are ready to, and finish Year R with not only a firm foundation across all EYFS areas of learning, but with many of the phonics and maths skills and knowledge, and ‘school readiness’  that is typically associated with Year 1. This excellent head start ensures that all pupils from a wide range of different starting points make excellent progress in Key Stage 1 and beyond.