At St. Mary’s Independent School we understand that children thrive best in a happy, loving environment. The supportive framework of our pastoral care includes highly experienced staff and small teaching groups. Our teachers get to know and understand the needs of each child, providing both stability and a sense of continuity. Intensive tuition helps each child to maximise their potential and derive the most benefit from their precious years at school.

In Pre-Prep our highly experienced pastoral care practitioners get to know both parents and children, providing stability and a sense of continuity. Good manners and respect for others are reinforced daily through good practice and role modelling.

In our Prep department intensive tuition helps each child to maximise their potential and derive the most benefit from their precious years at school. Taster sessions for years 5 and 6 prepare them for the different working environments in the Senior Department.

In Years 7–11, classes have a Form Tutor who meets the students twice a day to give advice and monitor both personal development and academic progress. The Tutor is also an important link between parents and the school. Regular meetings keep parents informed of each students’ development. In Year 11, students are assigned to a mentor who helps particularly with academic progress. As part of our safe and supportive learning environment, careers advice is given and professionals in this area guide each senior student.

Transition for all ages from 3-16 is seamless as children experience shared working areas and members of staff who work across all departments.

The health and happiness of your child is primarily the responsibility of the class teacher; good manners and a respect for others are expected from all members of the community. The quality of the relationships between staff and pupils is always cited by OFSTED as a strength of the school and school councils in both the Prep and Senior departments make a significant contribution to the daily life of the school.

Students are encouraged to help each other and assist with the running of the school. Many senior students become prefects and are given a wide range of responsibility. Because it is sometimes easier to talk through a problem with a friend, our ‘Buddy’ system invites Year 11 students to make friends with younger students. An anti-bullying policy is in place and actively operated.

For all questions regarding pastoral and academic care at the Senior Department please contact the appropriate Key Stage manager below:

Key Stage 3 Manager: Mrs K Thom (

Key Stage 4 Manager: Mr Winter (

In the Pre-Prep and Prep Departments, class teachers are the first port of call. Please contact and ask for the message to be passed to the relevant teacher.