Expeditions & Adventures

St. Mary’s Independent School provides a range of exciting learning and development opportunities that enhance our pupils’ sense of personal fulfilment and which help them to acquire important skills for life.

For one week at the end of Key Stage 2, our year 6 children embark on an outward-bound school field trip to the Brecon Beacons. During the week they experience rock climbing, abseiling, potholing and mountaineering.

Work in class is enhanced by educational expeditions to places like: Stonehenge, The Tower of London, The Mary Rose, Milestones Museum, Fishbourne Roman Palace, country parks, farms and the aquarium to name a few.

Students can participate in the Civic Award (year 6 students) and the Duke of Edinburgh Award (senior students).

This year, our year 7 students undertook a geography Trip to the Natural History Museum where students had the privilege of exploring the fantastic exhibition on Volcanoes & Earthquakes.

The Year 10 GCSE Art group visited Roche Court in Wiltshire (http://rochecourteducationaltrust.co.uk/) which is used as a sculpture park and educational centre where art is shown inside and out. The students were given a guided tour of the sculpture park and took part in various drawing activities as well as learning about the sculptures and the artists. This is an annual event.

We participate in public speaking competitions and an annual science competition at Southampton University.

Each year there is an educational expedition abroad. This year pupils were able to visit Costa Rica, the WW1 Battlefields and undertook skiing in the French Alps.