Creative Arts – Senior

St Mary’s Independent School has a broad, exciting and diverse Creative Arts curriculum that compliments and challenges creative thinking and talent.


The curriculum for Years 7 - 9 introduces key formal elements to students through a range of projects. These projects encourage students to work both solely and as part of a group. They are introduced to basic key skills during the formal elements and then these are built on throughout the two years. Each project is designed to enhance and build on initial skills taught going into greater depth whilst encouraging creative thinking, risk-taking and confidence. These skills include 3D sculpture, shading, accurate drawing, photography and painting.

Art and Design GCSE students develop their skills and knowledge by undertaking an in depth and varied course. Initially different aspects of art and design are delivered termly and students explore different processes, materials and techniques within art and design. Students then go on to complete a coursework unit by developing a project that explores one aspect of art and design in depth. They complete their course by producing an exam project in which they respond to one of five themes, each with a range of written and visual starting points and stimuli. Students will research, plan and develop ideas for their response to the option they have chosen and display their work in an exhibition which is open to parents and the public.

Art Activities and Clubs

We offer a Key Stage 3 Art Club which gives the pupils the chance to experience more craft based activities and be experimental in their own personal art.

For the GCSE pupils there are after school workshops available every week and during the holidays which are designed to offer support with classwork, homework and exam preparation.


The Key Stage 3 Music Education that is taught at St. Mary’s Independent School is a combination of composition, performance and appraising music through developing crucial listening techniques. We provide a healthy fusion of traditional and contemporary music alongside many extracurricular activities and opportunities.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will develop skills in performance, composition and the theory of music through their studies of Blues, popular music, film soundtracks, building instruments, songwriting, band work, world music and a focus on the classical periods. Performance skills are crucial and all students develop confidence in their singing by regularly joining together to sing in assemblies and Mass. Students are encouraged to attend extracurricular clubs and concerts to demonstrate their work and talents.

Students in Year 10 and 11 study Edexcel GCSE; Music. Our GCSE results are excellent and the course which comprises performance, compositions and 8 absorbing set works, is instrumental in developing well rounded young musicians.

All students are invited to attend choir and band practice throughout the week and tuition is available for a wide range of instruments to cater for all needs.

Music Activities and Clubs

This year we look forward to attending some local choir competitions and starting up further extracurricular activities such as the song writing and various workshops.

Lunchtime concerts are a popular event and the the school holds additional larger concerts, a large school drama production, talent shows and competitions throughout the academic year. We also have regular visits to music concerts, theatre productions and trips to recording studios.


Our annual school play is the highlight of the year.  In past we have put on productions of Fame!, Aladin, West Side Story and Guys and Dolls.  There are plenty of opportunities for students to support the show, either on stage, painting the set, creating the wardrobe or of as a member of our Tech Crew.  We also support our prep department productions.

We also offer GCSE Performing Arts in Years 10 and 11.  This course is designed to compliment other aspects of co-curricular activity, both in and outside of school, through dance, music and singing lessons.  Many of the students interested in Performing Arts GCSE will already be attending a drama club outside of school but this is not a requirement for the course.

Shine Performing Arts also hosts a private hire drama club after school on a Tuesday and students can make arrangements to attend this club via the Shine Performing Arts website.