Computer Science

At St Mary’s, we recognise the need to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding of the digital world they are growing up in.

Computer Science is currently taught in Years 7 and 8, with the view to extend to the entire school within the next three years.  Digital technology has come to play a huge part in the lives of individuals and our society: there seems hardly any sphere of work, leisure or study that has not been transformed by computers, the internet or smartphones. The changes we’ve seen in our lifetimes show no signs of slowing down.  

We aim to empower students so that they not only can use technology that will be part of their future, but also understand these technologies.  Computing is about more than using or understanding technologies though. The principles of computer science which lie at the foundation of digital technology have wide applications beyond this.  We aim to help students to understand these principles, such as logic, computability and the properties of information.