St. Mary’s Independent School is a Catholic school that welcomes all faiths and those who hold no faith.

The school Chaplain Fr. Michael Peters plays an important role in the spiritual and pastoral care of the pupils. The school has its own chapel, where Mass and liturgies are celebrated on a regular basis. Assemblies, Worship and Reflection are an integral part of school life. These form the key elements which help to nurture St. Mary’s both as a school and as a family community.

Whilst our teaching staff are primarily involved in the education of the pupils, the school Chaplain takes care of their spiritual well being.

The role of a school Chaplain:

  • The school Chaplain guides the liturgical life of the school. This includes preparing assemblies, leading the Eucharist and promoting the Sacraments including the Sacrament of Reconciliation (‘Confession’).
  • The Chaplain is available to both staff and pupils, of faith or none, who seek counsel. Any discussions that take place remain confidential, unless permission is given to take any matter further.
  • The Chaplain provides support and additional input into the Religious Education classes for all ages.
  • The role of a school Chaplain plays an important part in connecting the school with the wider Catholic community and does this by forming a link with local parishes and the Diocese. He ensures students are kept in touch with matters that could be of interest to them. The Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confirmation are specifically prepared within the local communities.
  • The Chapel is an integral part of the school. It is always open and provides a private space before and after school as well as at break and lunch times.

Form Tutors and Key Stage Staff Leaders are ever present to ensure no pupil goes without pastoral care.