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Prep’ Art portfolios, 2019

  During the summer term each class in the Prep dept studied the work of a famous artist and then produced work based on that artist. Finally the gallery was ready and there was great excitement and delight as everyone viewed the works of art. From Jackson Pollock to William Morris, Banksy to the organic sculptures…

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Family forensics

St Mary’s super sleuths were challenged to use all of their detective skills at Saturday morning’s Family Forensic Trail, to solve the case of the missing trophy! Our visitors used a variety of investigative and forensic techniques to solve the clues and discover who the culprit was. From soil analysis to chromatography, footprint to fingerprint analysis,…

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How does a Squirrel measure?

Pupils in the Squirrels Class have been busy learning about different ways to measure. During this lesson they measured dinosaurs and bones using rulers and recorded their answers independently.

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