Year 8 Little Woodham Visit – 2012

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Our Trip to “Little Woodham”

On the 21st March, Year 8 went back in time to Little Woodham; a village lost in time, 1642 to be precise!  We are studying the English Civil War and this living village has given us an amazing insight into the people, buildings and homes they would have lived in at that time.

We had lots of opportunities to go around the village and have “hands on” experiences with Ken the carpenter, for example; turning oak which was quite tricky at first.  We also saw how the scribe created his pens and ink and how the women used their looms.  It was interesting to look at the structure of the buildings and see what the housing and workshops looked like.  It felt like you were really back in time.

There was a definite difference between the better off and the very poor.  There were certainly big differences!  There were places and people such as:

Wood turner, carpenter, scribe, blacksmith, sawyer, apothecary, alehouse keeper, weaver, wheelwright and last but not least, a potter with the longest beard Year 8 has ever seen!

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