Year 6 Induction Day 2013


Year 6 students transferring to the College undertook a day of problem solving activity. Building on the success of the Year 7 Business Enterprise day students were asked to see if they could do better! It was very impressive to see how engaged the students were with the idea of Engineering and Marketing a Cellular telephone network on the Isle of Wight. The students registered their teams as companies tendering for the contract on the Island. They became Engineers, Finance Officers, Marketing  Managers and Managing Directors. They created engineering plans, accounts and marketing strategies to win over the IOW council and persuade them that they should win the contract. The work done was fantastic and all need congratulating on the presentations and team work undertaken. The winning team ( ‘Bananas or Nothing’ – Benny, George, Rodrigo, Oliver and Alessandro) generated an operating profit of £14.16 Million in their first year of operation, although not the highest, they demonstrated great team work and considered the environmental impact and tourism on the Island as part of their plans. Well done to all of the students.



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