Year 5 get a taste of the senior department

Year 5 get a taste of the senior department

Our Year Five children were fully engaged throughout their ‘Taster
Day’ among our Senior students. They were guided by two of our Prefect Team to the
Creative Arts studio, the English and Geography classes and into a unique
session in History. Their feedback afterwards was incredibly positive, as
reported by Fr. Michael in his ‘Chaplain’s Chat’ Week 5.
The parents who sat in on lessons were also totally absorbed. Of course, they knew
all the answers…

Creative Art

Our Year 5 students learned about the original ‘selfies’ which were, in reality, the self
portraits painted or drawn by the artist himself. Photographs of Rembrandt,
Picasso and Van Gough were all viewed then discussed. The children’s task
was then to set about producing a SELFIE of him/herself. The results were
quite remarkable.


In Geography, each child was soon lost behind a colourful  atlas, and only re-emerged for
a challenging quiz. They had to find out different information about various
countries around the world within a short time limit.


Year 5 talked about the strange ‘orange-red’ sky that we all
experienced on Monday afternoon due to hurricane Ophelia. They looked at some stunning pictures, then
used a thesaurus each to find some adventurous vocabulary we could use to
describe how that moment felt. Mr O’Farrell was really impressed with the
descriptive writing produced by the class in response to this, and feels
that there may be some budding best-selling novelists in the group!


Later in the day, pupils spread themselves out within the ‘De la Mennais’ room, working in groups
to develop two key historical skills – chronology and artefact analysis. The
class assembled a giant timeline by putting people and events into the
correct order and by matching them to the correct century. The real ‘hands
on’ work began when students began to handle historical artefacts such as
bullets from World War One and a World War Two tin hat. They were asked to
name each object, explain what it was used for and which century it would
have been used in. Judging by the amount of enthusiastic hands raised,
students enjoyed the session and learned some interesting pieces of