Year 3 invade Fishbourne Roman Palace

Year Three invaded Fishbourne Roman Palace , which is in the village of Fishbourne, Chichester in West Sussex. This large palace was built in the 1st century AD, around thirty years after the Roman conquest of Britain on the site of a Roman army supply base established at the Claudian invasion in 43 AD. The rectangular palace surrounded formal gardens, the northern half of which have been reconstructed. There were extensive alterations in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, with many of the original black and white mosaics being overlaid with more sophisticated coloured work, including the perfectly preserved dolphin mosaic in the north wing. More alterations were in progress when the palace burnt down in around 270, after which it was abandoned. The children first watched the story unfold in the theatre then attended workshops before taking their clipboards and guide books around the mosaics. There was an ‘hands-on’ opportunity, a chance to taste Roman foods,examine the museum and roam the beautiful gardens (bumping into the grumpy farmer who kept being interrupted!) O yes! they did manage a lunch-break but it was virtually non-stop for four hours.