Year 11 Leavers Liturgy

Yr 11 Leavers 21-5-14 (9)

A formal farewell to the Class of 2014.

Year 11 are now officially on study leave and return to the College only to complete their examinations. They say their final farewell on Wednesday 25th June at the College Prom, this year to be held at the Chilworth Manor. Thank you to Fr Michael and Mr Keenan for their reflections and presentations. Thank you also to ARK  for their final performance together in the Chapel. Their rendition of ‘Reign Down’ was very well received by students and staff alike.

I wish them well with the remaining examinations and remind them of my final words:

“Leaving St Mary’s though is the point at which your choices and decisions about the future begin to come into play and begin to be followed through. Our prayer for you therefore is what Jesus prayed for his disciples that you will go on to do greater things than your teachers by making your unique mark on the world and that you will go ever deeper into truth by continuing to learn throughout your life.”