Wonderful letter we have received from the Food Bank

Please read the wonderful letter we have received from the Food Bank regarding all the donations you made to the Harvest Mass this month.

Dear Mrs Hulbert,

It was really good to meet you today and thank you so much for the generous donation from St Mary’s Harvest Festival Collection. It was kind of the school to provide such a great assortment of different food.

It was good to show you The Shed and as you said you noticed how different it was from Poitier’s early days.  Please find attached a photo of Father Des in The Shed and also a copy of the article which appeared in Portsmouth News.  Hope these will help to show the students how their donations are used.  You mentioned a collection at Christmas and, as you know, we like to send out delicious extras with the Christmas bags, so if St Mary’s could collect for us again, we’d very much appreciate that.

Thank you again

Warmest wishes from us all,

Kate Greaves for Poitiers Care