Who done it? (again!)

B'wood (100)

The scene was set once more for an investigation into the theft of the College Sports Trophy. The dubious looking suspects above were interogated by year 5 students from Beechwood school on Friday. Fingerprinting, Soil Analysis, Polygraph and Interview techniques were undertaken to establish who was the likely culprit. The 59 students from year 5 were wonderful and became fully involved in all aspects of this investigation. Students from the College who supported the day, through acting or looking after our guests were once more fantastic and really made this day run smoothly. Thanks also to all the teachers and support staff who gave of their time. Needless to say the year 5 did a brilliant job analysing the evidence and correctly identified Matthew, the bitter and highly competitive student, as the thief. They also managed to uncover his partner in crime, the devious school receptionist played by Tyler . Lucy ( Cleaner) and Chiron ( supply teacher) didn’t get off lightly, they too were exposed as untrustworthy characters. Perhaps material for another plot!

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