Who done it!!

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Year 5 students from St Anthony’s, Springhill  and Charlton House help swell the ranks of investigating officers to help solve the most heinous of crimes. The theft of the School House trophy! Mr Lickley’s office became a crime scene and evidence gathered from here was examined by our investigating teams.The four suspects were interrogated closely to determine the truth; detailed polygraph evidence was recorded and analysed by the teams. Detectives Dillard, Jackson and Weaver helped students identify fingerprint, fibre/hair and soil samples gathered from the scene. With support from SMC Police and brilliantly played suspects, year 5 were immersed in the whole day. The final uncovering of the criminal was played out in the Chapel ‘Courtroom’. I am pleased to report that the trophy was recovered and culprit identified.

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More pictures of this event can be seen at:https://www.facebook.com/stmaryscollegesouthampton