Welcome to St Mary's College


Head student Callum Craig and Deputy Head student Maria Papadakis-Kotsovolou greet prospective parents to the College Open Evening. The doors to the College White House were opened to parents for the first time in the schools 91 years of history. Although work continues on the building to restore it to its former glory, the administration of the school has now shifted to the grand rooms of this historic building.


The Open Evening this year was a great success, with the new De La Mennais Lecture and meeting room full to capacity with prospective parents and their children. Presentations and displays in classrooms and around the school provided a snapshot of why this is such a successful community both academically and socially. The students supporting the evening remain our strongest asset and many were thanked personally for their fantastic inputs as tour guides or classroom assistants.


Parents who were unable to attend the evening or would simply like further information about the College should contact Mrs Kay Hoile (khe@stmaryscollege.co.uk) who will be able arrange personal tours or meetings with the Head Teacher Mr Lickley.