Tree Planting at St Mary’s Independent School Feb 2017

Even the rain stopped to allow the Mayor to extend her greetings to our Head Teacher Mrs Owen and Father Michael, who presented a small group of pupils to be her escorts, during a tree planting ceremony.

The mayor placed her chain of office around each child’s neck to allow them to feel like a mayor before proceeding to the garden where both prep and senior schools pupils joined the ceremony. Mrs Owen explained to the children that the garden, which will be created to celebrate Father Michael’s 80th birthday was a place for all pupils who might need to find a little peace or reflection during a busy day.

The Mayor and Father Michael then planted the tree together to the cheers of the pupils.

The Mayor was asked by a pupil “Do you always have to wear your Mayor’s clothes?” to which the Mayor explained her role and its history in Southampton, comparing the 13th century role of a Sheriff to the contemporary Mayor of Southampton office she now held. During this she discussed with the pupils the excellent work being done for others by ordinary Southampton people citing former Southampton footballer Francis Benali’s multiple marathon effort to raise money for cancer treatment and research.

The children listened attentively and we’re clearly enthused by such an informative history lesson by their Mayor who later explained to staff and parents that she felt it important that children were given every opportunity to learn about their local history and communities.

Afterwards two pupils presented the Mayor with a bouquet of flowers symbolic of a tree planting event as appreciation of the Mayor honouring the school.  Mrs Owen thanked her on behalf of pupils, parents, staff and governors for her attendance.

Article and photos courtesy of Wessex Media Group