The 'Nutcracker' – Student Review


Reviews of ‘ The Nutcracker’

Wednesdays performance of The Nutcracker was a thrilling tale of a rivalry between the evil rat king and the loveable Nutcracker doll. The costumes were mesmerising. The music was brilliant – with all of the different instruments they played!

Jay and Tom Form 7

Absolutely Nuts?  This was a cracking and fantastic show for both adults and children!

Ellie – Form 7

This was a great show where the actors allowed interaction with the audience. The fun bit was when there were bombs thrown into the audience – and we got to throw them back!

Edoardo and Caleb -Form 7

We could not wait to watch the play! The crowd were cheering – everyone was excited!               Daniel and Sukhpreet – Form 7

I think it was very creative how the performers managed to bring in the crowd by throwing bombs and bon bons!

William – Form 7

I have never been more afraid of mice in my life! It was a masterpiece. The costumes were amazing, the cast were amazing – it was nutcrackingly awesome!

Taylor – Form 7