St Mary’s PTA Minutes – June 2017

St. Mary’s Parent Teacher Association

Meeting 7th June 2017 – The White House, 7.00pm


Charlotte Bannon (Chair)
Rachael Birchall (Secretary)
Stephen Jennings (Treasurer)
Mrs Owen
Mrs Smith
Emily Sadler
Sara Henry
Pritti Aggarwal
Alison Dobell
Dr Jackson
Fern Gallagher
Nikki Stead


Sarah Adamson
Jennifer Ingram
Tim McCarthy

Minutes of the last meeting

  • The minutes of the last meeting were approved by all present

Actions Outstanding

  • The picnic tables have been bought at a cost of £2,814.60. The other items approved for funding are still in progress.

Fun Day

  • Father Michael has kindly said that he is able to hold Mass at 10 o’clock
  • Charlotte has asked Keith whether he would be available again for First Aid cover but has received no reply. Charlotte will chase or look for alternatives.
  • Displays:
    • Sapphire and the school gymnastics team will perform at 12:30
    • The Sea Cadet band is unavailable. Mrs Owen will ask Solent Brass if they are available. Charlotte is looking for other bands
  • Enterprise Week:
    • The children from years 1-6 will be taking part in an Enterprise week from the 19th to the 23rd of June. Stephen will organise the money to give to the school for their starter funds. Mr McPhillips will organize the stalls and times for Fun Day
  • Entertainments:
    • Sarah will confirm the inflatables have been booked
    • Mrs Smith is running games including “knock the bottle”, “beanbag in a bucket”, “Ping pong fish”, “hook a duck” and face painting. The School has face paints and Mrs Smith has found some stencils to purchase to make the face painting easier
    • Mr Hobson is able to supply Den Building materials but not to supervise on the day. One adult will be needed to supervise this
    • Mr O’Connor may be able to run an obstacle course challenge using the new Roamer Robots
    • If volunteers are available stalls could include a welly wang, bottle flip or splat-a-rat.
    • The Slippery Pole will run at 3:15
    • The Water Slide will start at 4
  • Stalls:
    • Bubble guns and wands have been purchased, a further 20 bubble guns will be purchased
    • The cake, tea and coffee area will include popcorn and sweets if we have enough volunteers
    • Emily and Mrs Smith will approach parents to see if they will donate raffle prizes
    • A water or wine tombola and a soft toy tombola will take place
    • There will be a PTA/school stall including sales of bags and water bottles, 200 Club sign up sheets, Refer-a-friend information, Little St Mary’s flyers, the PTA leaflet, a WarHammer leaflet and the reflective garden development plan. This could include information on sponsoring the decorative paving and a craft activity that could be placed in the garden. Mrs Owen will ask Mrs McPherson if she could run the craft activity
  • Mrs Thom has said that some Year 10’s would be available to help on the day
  • Charlotte has designed a poster for the event, once some details have been added this will be ready to go out
  • Dr K is able to set up the sound system
  • Charlotte will obtain supplies for the bar and BBQ. Rachael will provide a BBQ to use for the vegetarian food. Stephen will get a barrel of beer for the bar
  • Most of the set up will be done on the Saturday
  • An invitation to the event will be extended to all new parents, teachers and the new Head
  • The entry prices are £4 for an adult and £2 for a child. This will include the bouncy castles, water slide and slippery pole. All other stalls/ entertainments will have a small charge, payment will be made by token available at the entry desk for all events except the food and drink and the Enterprise week. Fern may have tokens we can use, otherwise between 4 and 5 thousand need to be purchased
  • Charlotte will write a list of volunteers needed and Mrs Owen will circulate it to the teachers for them to encourage parents to sign up to help

Cricket Match

  • 8 parents have so far signed up to play cricket.
  • The PTA will provide a bar and BBQ. Emily, Pritti and Mrs Owen have volunteered to help with this
  • Set up will be done on Friday during the day, all help is appreciated

Retirement event

  • Please contact PTA for details.

Movie Nights and Fireworks dates for next term

  • Founders Fireworks will be held on the 25th of November
  • Movie Night will be held on the 6th of October
  • The Christmas Disco is on the 19th of December

AGM date and Constitution

  • The AGM will be held on the 18th of October
  • Charlotte and Rachael will finalise the constitution for the next meeting


  • The benches were bought at a cost of £2,814.60. £600 was reimbursed to the school for the robots. £90 was spent on Prom night. The uniform shop income was £122.
  • Kim is to become the second signatory on the SMPTA account
  • Current account: £3,238.40
  • Deposit account: £461.82
  • Paypal: £858.87
  • Petty Cash: £132.40
  • Outstanding Cheques: £202.50
  • Total: £4,488.99

200 Club

  • June Draw
    • 1 – Kirsten Groves
    • 2 – Liz Hollingdale
    • 3 – Matthew Craig


  • Dr Jackson requested £150 to update the WarHammer rooms with the new rules and regulations. This was agreed. A War Hammer display will be put on at Founders Fireworks
  • Alison has created the content for a uniform shop flyer which Rachael will produce. The shop will open in August a week before the Stevensons shop
  • Stephen will set up a ClassList trial

Date of Next Meeting



A PDF copy of these minutes can be found on our Parents Association page, along with all the information about the SMPTA.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the SMPTA please leave them in the comment section below!