St Mary’s Got Talent – Updated

 St Mary’s Got Talent was a fantastic evening, packed full of very special performances by some very talented musicians and performers. Ali Ajel (Y8) and Alessandro Leoni (Y10) were once again our hosts for the evening and they did a fantastic job announcing all acts, keeping the audience entertained and of course telling many, many terrible jokes!

The show was split into 4 categories: solo voice, solo instrument, ensembles and miscellaneous! The solo vocal category was won by Eleni Anna Papadakis Kotsovolou who sang ‘She Used to Be Me’ from the musical Waitress. Ellie moved the entire audience with her passionate and highly talented rendition of this beautiful piece. A special mention to all other performers in this category: Jacob Joyce who opened the show with an enthusiastic version of Hotel California, accompanying himself on guitar! Logan Young who rapped for the audience, everyone was impressed by his constant tempo and enthusiasm on stage. Sonja Weighart who is spending the term with us at St. Mary’s performed I Dreamed a Dream from les Miserables. Sonja decided to join the talent show a matter of days before and managed a secure, professional performance in such a short time! Very impressive! Nico Bray, to the delight of many, performed Human by Rag’n’Bone man. Nico’s voice has such a wonderful low timbre and by accompanying himself on piano Nico gave a passionate performance, demonstrating his exceptional talent as a vocalist. Bronwyn James, who unfortunately, had to cope with a technical difficulty, stunned the crowd with her resilience when instead of stopping when her backing track abruptly stopped (computer crashed – sorry Bronwyn) she carried on a cappella maintaining the same key and tempo until the very end. The audience all agreed that they enjoyed the performance even more when they could just hear Bronwyn’s beautiful voice on its own, very well done Bronwyn!The piano category was packed full of talent, Phoebe Barnes (Y7) played Beethoven’s Fur Elise perfectly…without sheet music! Aryan Nandha (Y8) a regular performer at St. Mary’s gave us a wonderful piano cover of the pop song Say Something and as always played with sensitivity and style. Zhuoran Yao (Y8) played a Rondo by Beethoven and as always gave us an immaculate performance full of confidence and technical ability. The winner of the category, Alessandro Leoni (Y10) put down his microphone as MC for a few minutes and played another Rondo, this time by Mozart. The judges chose Alessandro as the winner due to his contact with the audience when performing, his elegance and control and of course his continued dedication to the music department. Thank you and well done Alessandro!

The miscellaneous category was short but sweet. Alexander Schutte (Y9) AKA Discbleeder, wowed the audience with his own electronic dance music. Alex also creates illustrations to accompany his music and this year his inspiration was his Grandmother who bought him the software he values so much. The winner of the category was the Y7 stand up comedy performance (Ernest Hobson and Josh Abernathy, unfortunately Arthur Hobson was ill on the day of the show). The boys exceeded all expectations and had the audience in stitches, very entertaining, well done boys!

The ensemble category consisted of three groups: Year 9 band (you need a name!) involving Kaytlin Roberts (bass guitar), Eloise Mason (keyboard), Harry New (drums) and Mark Jennings (vocals). Year 7 girls Inas Kassim (piano and vocals) and Ellie Smith (guitar and vocals). Our final entry came from Emily Cooney (Y10) who sang Oasis’ Half the World Away, accompanied by Orla McGinnis one of our past pupils. All entries were outstanding, the Year 7 girls who performed Ellie’s own composition – Wings, played with such maturity and ease and Emily, who is another regular performer sang beautifully and is was nice to have past pupils return to support. The winners of this category, the Year 9 band, performed Lane Boy by 21 Pilots. With a funky bass line, interesting rhythms from the keyboard, some outstanding (and extremely fast paced) syncopated drum grooves and excellent rapping and singing, this was a performance to behold. I just hope the band doesn’t wait for next year to perform together again, well done to all involved!!


A massive thank you to everyone involved particularly Dr. Kowalewski who organised and ran all the technical side so well with a team of helpers: Pavlos Papantonis, William King, Gerry Yau, and to the backstage crew Logan Young and William Lewis who were all fantastic and put a lot of effort into helping the show run as smoothly as possible!!

A big thank you to all who came and supported the event, we look forward to seeing you at the Summer concert which will be held in the school grounds outside the Whitehouse, weather permitting!

Nancy Tomkins – Head of Music