St Mary's Eco-Schools Project

As you may be aware the College has recently been selected to receive funding to install solar panels on the main building and sports hall. Recent inspections by the eco-schools project team have moved this project one step closer. However recent changes by the Government have sought to reduce this funding which will jeopardise the entire national scheme. In a hope to delay or adjust these proposals I have attached a petition from the Eco-Schools Project Team that could help raise this issue in Parliament. I have already signed the petition and attach the same for your reading.


Join our Save Solar for Schools campaign – the 100K challenge


The government recently announced plans to alter its support for solar energy in the UK. This will stop many schools across the country getting their solar panels with the Eco-Schools Solar Programme and other council-led schemes.

We think it is important for our schools to have opportunities like these so you can benefit from free electricity from a renewable source and have the practical learning it affords your students.

We need to get 100,000 people to sign up to a petition requesting that the Department of Energy and Climate Change exempt schools, hospitals, universities and other community government buildings from its proposed cuts and changes.

You can play a vital role in supporting our campaign through the following simple actions

1.         Please click on the link below which takes you to our e-petition. Please take 2 minutes from your working day to sign up to the petition.

2.         Please send this email to your pupil’s and their parents, via your ParentMail networks and ask them to sign up to the e-petition.

3.         If you would like to know a little more about our campaign please click on the link below which will take you to the Eco-Schools website – with a fuller explanation of why this is an issue for schools. Here you will also find a link to our e-petition.

If we can get 100,000 signatures on the petition – then it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons. We will therefore have an opportunity to ensure the government fully understands the impact that this change in Feed-in Tariff will have on schools and other public buildings.

Hopefully, by working together we can get the government to change its mind and provide the appropriate financial support for solar in schools and other public buildings.


Eco-Schools Solar Team