Speech Night 2014


Speech Night is a very important event at the College and I was delighted to see so many parents, friends and former students in attendance. It is important that we formally close and recognise the events of the previous academic year and it is a final celebration for those who now leave this community and move on to the next phase of their education.

I would like to thank Brother Peter our guest speaker and all of the staff and students that contributed to the great success of this event.

It is hoped that the spirit of the College is something that all our former students will carry with them and share with those that they encounter. The Class of 2014 are now recognised as ‘Old Simmarians’ and is has been a great priviledge to have shared this part of their learning journey with them. On behalf of the staff and current students I wish you all great success but always remember that whatever our achievements we do what we do for God Alone. Dieu Seul!


Head Teachers Report 2014 (1)

Please find attached a copy of the presentations made to students at the event. These include awards made for academic, sporting, musical and other significant achievements recognised by the College. The original listings have been amended from those published and released on the night. This has been corrected to show the correct positional outcomes for our top performing students. An apology must be given to Edward Bailey whose correctly calculated point score places him as the second best performing student in the year group of 2013/14, achieving 15 GCSE grades overall. Well done to him and to all the students from this year who made such a big impression on the life of the school.

Speech Night – 2014 programme