SMCPA Minutes

St. Mary’s College Parents’ Association

Meeting 2nd November 2016

The White House, St Mary’s College at 7.00pm

Attendees: Apologies:
Charlotte Bannon (Chair) Stephen Jennings (Treasurer)
Rachael Birchall (Secretary) Alison Dobell
Mrs Owen Marianna Gaca
Sarah Adamson Mrs Smith
Pritti Aggarwal Jennifer Ingram
Raman Naghotra

  1. Minutes of the last meeting
  • The minutes of the last meeting were approved by all present.
  1. Matters Arising
  • Charlotte presented Nikki with flowers and a card as an expression of gratitude for all her hard work.
  • Charlotte will write a piece about SMCPA to go out on the newsletter and blog
  • Mrs Thom has contacted the Year 11 prefect team to ask if they would be interested in a  lunch with SMCPA to discuss future events.
  • The popcorn machine was bought for £111. There has already been one popcorn sale which was very popular and raised £39.60. £10.93 was spent on ingredients and bags, most of which we have for a future event. The popcorn machine has already been hired out for £20, Sarah will write up a hire agreement.
  1. Founders Fireworks
  • Fireworks: Mrs Owen will make sure that we have a current risk assessment for the evening
  • Communication: Sarah has written a letter to be delivered to all the neighbours, Sarah will organise the delivery. Pritti has written a letter to go out to the whole school regarding Founders Fireworks, this needs to be finalized and then distributed. Mrs Tomkins has agreed with Abi that we can borrow her small PA system to make announcements. Charlotte has found the banner and will put it up this week. Stephen is setting up the website for payment and will let us know when it is done. The tickets are to include the words “Sponsored by Make It Magic, Shirley.”. Kirsten is producing the posters and tickets and the posters will be put up as soon as they are available. Sarah will make signs to use on the night
  • Safety, Security and Set up: Charlotte will check with Becky whether a first aider is still available. Mrs Owen will check how many Year 11’s will be available on the night as some can help with car parking. Year 6 have emailed Charlotte to ask if they can help to set up and clear up. They would be very welcome to help set up but clearing up will have to take place that night so may be too late.
  • Food and Drink: James has kindly said he can provide food on the night. Charlotte and Rachael will meet with him to finalise food, budget and what helpers he needs. The proposal is to do chilli, veg. chilli, chips and nachos. Charlotte, Rachael and Sarah to check the stock of drink we have on Friday morning. Rachael will email Stephen to ask if he needs any assistance with the bar and whether we need to order the real ale barrel now. Sarah will run the popcorn stall, we now have bags to serve the popcorn at a cost of 20p each. Penny will be asked to come up with names for the salt and sweet popcorn. Mrs Ingram has offered to run a cake stall.
  • Entertainment: Rachael will finalise the cup tombola letter and then distribute the cups on the 11th. The drama students will provide entertainment in the John De La Mennais room. It was decided not to have craft stalls at the event this year. Mrs Smith has volunteered to run a soft toy stall if there are enough donations and will send out a letter to parents appealing for toys. A face painting stall will be set up if we can find a volunteer. There will be one stall with volunteers business cards, a membership drive for the 200 Club and ticket sales for the Christmas Disco. Rachael will get class lists to mark off those that have purchased Disco tickets and will email Father Michael for any signs or publicity that has been used previously for the 200 Club. The school Jute bags may also be available for sale if they are ready in time. Charlotte will compile a list of glowing items we have for sale. Sarah will purchase some glow necklaces which were very popular last year. Charlotte will write a shopping list for the event
  1. 70th Celebrations
  • Having discussed ideas with several parents, the idea of a camping event seems popular. Rachael will look into the regulations for turning a field into a campsite, Sarah will look into music and licensing, Charlotte will look into food options.
  1. Christmas Disco
  • The Disco cost is £235. The tickets will cost £3 plus £1 for the no-uniform day. Non attendees can still attend school in non uniform if they pay £1. A letter needs to be written and distributed on the 28th November to be back by the 11th of December. The letter will include mention of the glowsticks etc. on sale so that children can bring £1 to buy them if they wish. KS1 will attend from 3:30 to 4:45. KS2 will attend from 5:00 to 6:30.
  • Rachael will ask Mrs Smith if nursery will be attending. If they are Glen will need to be informed.
  • Parent volunteers will be needed. A 1:10 ratio is needed for the event, 10 adults would be ideal.
  • A drink and snack will be available for each child. Pritti to organise food options that avoid known allergens.
  1. Finances
  • Current account: £3,663.51
  • Deposit account: £461.76
  • Paypal: £553.33
  • Petty Cash: £55.68
  • Outstanding Cheques: Less than £150
  • Total: £4,734.28
  1. 200 Club
  • This will be completed next month
  1. AoB
  • A WhatsApp group will be set up for the Parents Association. To reflect the schools imminent change in name it will be set up as StMISPA.
  • Rachael will make sure a poster is up in the Charlton playground and an email circulated one week before all Parent’s Association meetings.
  • Sarah suggested the idea of a pyjama story night, where Charlton pupils attend school and listen to stories told in different rooms. It was agreed this would be a good event to hold around Book Week or alongside the AGM.
  • Mrs Owen passed on a request from Mrs Smith for £400 pounds to spend on outdoor education materials for the nursery. It was agreed that Rachael would ask Mrs Smith to email more details of what was required so that it can be considered. Sarah was aware of outside funding that may be available to early year providers and will provide Mrs Owen with information on Action Hampshire, which facilitates funding opportunities.
  • Mrs Owen presented an article on roller discos as a possible future idea for an event. It was agreed that this could be very popular.
  • Pritti asked if the SMCPA ever had a student representative. It was agreed to ask the Year 11 leadership team if they would undertake this role for the College. Year 6 also have a leadership team but as the meeting are so late Mrs Owen will ask Mrs Blake if we could attend their meetings on a regular basis.
  • It was agreed to advertise the second hand uniform shop at the end and beginning of each half term, both in school and on the blog/facebook.
  • Pritti suggested that each year had a representative who attended the SMCPA meetings. Mrs Owen will include this in her newsletter at the beginning of next term.
  • Sarah has written a letter to go out to businesses to appeal for raffle prizes.
  1. Date of Next Meeting
  • 07/12/2016

Task List

Mrs Owen Check we have risk assessment for the fireworks

Check how many Year 11’s will be available on the night to run stalls and help with car parking

See if the Jute bags can be available in time

Ask Mrs Blake if SMCPA can meet the Year 6 leadership team

Include the idea of parent year reps to attend SMCPA meetings in the next newsletter

Charlotte Bannon Write article for newsletter and blog

Put fireworks banner up

Liaise with Kirsten on tickets and posters

Meet James to finalise food

Stocktake on Friday

Collate list of glowing things for sale

Look into food for the 70th

Rachael Birchall Finalise cup tombola letter and prepare cups

Email Stephen regarding bumbags, bar, barrel and receipts

Meet James to finalise food

Stocktake on Friday

Get class lists for disco sign up

Email Father Michael re: 200 Club

How do you turn a field into a temporary campsite

Ask Mrs Smith if nursery will be attending the disco

Put poster up and circulate email one week before all meetings

Ask Mrs Smith for email list of items required for the nursery

Ensure the uniform shop is advertised at the beginning and end of each half term

Sarah Adamson Finalise Founders Fireworks facebook advert

Organise delivery of neighbours leaflets

Stocktake on Friday

Ask Penny to think up names for salt and sweet popcorn

Purchase glow necklaces

Make signs

Look into music and licensing for the 70th

Provide Mrs Owen with information on Action Hampshire

Send out raffle prize letter

Write up a hire agreement for the popcorn machine

Pritti Aggarwal Advise on food options for the disco that avoid known allergens
Unassigned tasks Finalise the Founders Fireworks letter before it is distributed

Letter needs to be written for the Christmas Disco

Set up StMISPA WhatsApp group