Schools Update 8th January

Please be advised that the final decision for the opening of both Charlton House and St Mary’s College will be taken on Sunday and posted on the blog by 4.00pm.

Currently the schools intention is to open on Monday 11th January with the following conditions:

 Site Access

  •  Entry to the site should be made only through the ‘top’ gate ( Mousehole Lane) and exit right onto Midanbury Lane towards Cobden Ave.
  •  The expected increase in the volume of traffic through the site means we must operate  a ‘kiss and drop’ routine. Children for Charlton should exit vehicles on the main drive above the Charlton entrance and enter the school building immediately through the front door ( this includes the Nursery). College students can be dropped at the steps above the playground and enter the school immediately by the Chapel Door.


  • Please make sure students have full uniform and suitable sturdy footwear. Warm coats and gloves etc are advisable.

Site Safety

  • The conditions underfoot are hazardous and therefore students will be expected to stay indoors for the day and until conditions improve.

Year 11 GCSE ICT examination

Clearly the school is hoping to operate normally on Monday but if conditions necessitated a further closure then candidates for this examination who are able, should try to attend. The examination board will not cancel or re-schedule the paper but simply defer your entry until the Summer session otherwise. The examination will start at 1.30 pm and finish at 2.45 pm. Brothers Francis and James will act as invigilators if no other staff are able to get in.