School Council launch Anti-Bullying Initiative

council-2The School Council met for the first time this academic year. They were formally introduced to the new prefect body and the Head and Deputy Head students. Although the frequency of the meetings will be reduced this year it is hoped that students can bring items for discussion that affect their lives at the College. This term is dominated by the National Anti-bullying campaign. The school has already themed all assemblies to raise the profile of this issue. The council were asked to consider ways that the students could help. I was impressed with the range of ideas that were forthcoming, competitions, using posters, poetry and drama productions. Siobhan Stevenson, the Head of the pastoral prefect team has offered to produce items for the school blog and publish a selection of poems written by pupils. I hope to provide a booklet of all students work that can be issued to parents.

The event ends in mid-november and I would appreciate feedback from parents as to wether the messages that we have tried to impart to the students have indeed had that desired effect.

Bullying is an issue that sadly impacts on a significant number of peoples lives and needs to be addressed. Let us all help create an atmosphere of zero tolerance at the school to all its forms so that it can be stamp it out.