Salters Science Festival – Southampton University

Salters Science festival

On the 26th of March 2010, Emily Bulkeley, Joshua Mullane, Mackenzie Roberts and I (Joseph Chaplin) travelled to the University of Southampton to participate in the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry. This involved teams representing their school to compete against other schools to win prizes at the end. There was also a great deal of learning and understanding about Chemistry as the day went on. The day started off with an introduction followed by a challenge in which your team did two experiments, to try and work out ‘who dunnit it’. After that we had a lunch break followed by a second challenge, this involved ‘Chemical Magic’ in which you had to discover different solutions using the equipment provided. As the final task concluded we gathered up our lab coats and headed towards the lecture room, where a lecture with a difference was given. This lecture also accompanied the Prize giving, although we did not win a prize we all did receive certificates for taking part.

All in all we had a fantastic day at the University and I hope we will return again.

Joseph Chaplin – Year 7