Prayers in the prep department

Our Prep children not only have a prayer corner in their classrooms, around which they gather each day; but they also have a communal corner in the rotunda. This reflects the religious theme that they are following at any given time. As we thank The Lord for the gift of creation we also ask Him to help world leaders understand that only peace will maintain the beauty of that creation. If they cannot find answers then our children, please God, will. prayer is essential. Mass is offered daily in our Chapel at 7am. (Mon-Fri).and everybody is welcome On the altar is a prayer petition box. If you are unable to be present at Mass you are encouraged to send in a petition. Fr. Michael will include this in the Mass. Maybe someone is poorly, or getting married, or moving home or just want a prayer. Just write the purpose of the petition and send it via your youngster (or bring it yourself). No names required. Senior department students can pop it into the box. Prep department pupils should give it in to the office for Fr. Michael to collect.