'Post Holes' – the clear-up!


Many many thanks to today’s ‘Holes’  Clear Up Crew. We had the usual  familiar faces in a small but committed group who scrubbed, cleared, carried, swept, polished…… I think SMC will be functioning pretty much as normal tomorrow thanks to your efforts. Thank you to : Eddie, James, Rosie, Alex, Jack, Callum, George, Jake, Oliver, Fraser Craig, Ruby O’Farrell, Will Lickley, Eric, Julia, Libby, Jonathan, Freya, Billy and Jack.

To quote the Warden – ‘You will be rewarded!!’

Many thanks to the parents that also supported: Mr McCarthy, Mr Craig, Mr and Mrs Davey and of course staff: Dr Kowalewski, Mr O’Farrell, Mrs Hyde, Mr Lickley, Alex Matthews and Martin Wheeler.