Pope Benedict XVl in Hyde Park

pope benedict

St. Mary’s College was represented in Hyde Park on the Saturday that the Holy Father lead a celebration of prayer and praise Chris Mc.Gill (Year 10) was one of the pupils and he writes:

“I had a wonderful day visiting Pope Benedict in Hyde Park. I accompanied Brother James and his friends. There was a short walk through security when we arrived, then we had to find our allotted position. It gave us a fantastic view.  Among the vast crowds I came across Nina Nannar (from ITV News) and Carol Vorderman; but neither compared with the Pope. When he arrived a great cheer went up and the experience that followed was magical. A ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. To sustain us on the way home we managed to find a McDonald’s open. It was an absolutely fantastic day and our thanks to Brother James”

popes visit