Poem by Year 7

Year 7 have already been hard at work creating poems about their first day at school.  Each Year 7 contributed a line to the poem about what they felt, what they saw and heard on the first morning.   Thank you to Mrs Hyde for such an inspirational lesson.

Form 7’s Class Poem

My First Morning at St Mary’s

Waking up, I heard the soothing sound of the angel-like birds sitting on the hedge next to my bedroom window.
On the walk to school, Milo and I were both nervous about what was going to happen that day.
On the way to school I saw the beautiful birds singing their heads off,
as they sat in the glistening trees which shone like diamonds.

As we approached the school gates, I was nervous, excited and scared all at the same time!
In the playground, the rain spat on me like a cold shower.
I could hear the ball smashing into the dented crossbar like a rocket preparing for launch.
The birds chirped peacefully as I walked back to class confidently.

Rushing up to their lockers, children pulled them open, grabbed books and pencil cases.
We headed down the corridor, waiting outside the door as if we were invisible.
I entered the chapel and felt the greeting from God. I felt the chapel’s holy air brush across my face. I could smell the church smell.
In the English lesson, Mrs Hyde’s voice slowly faded away as I looked around what seemed like a HUGE classroom!

Suddenly I was snapped back to reality by a burst of chatter.

Break time! Finally I am free
No more talking teachers
Or being a busy bee
The kicking of the football
The chatter of the cafeteria
Oh no someone sneezed on me
More bacteria!