Nuffield Theatre Trip – Merlin

Year 7 recently took a trip to see Merlin at the Nuffield Theatre.

Here is what some of our students wrote about the show:

I enjoyed the music that was played, especially when they played the piano on stage. (Claudia)

I liked the costumes because they were sparkly and beautiful. My favourite part was that we got to eat ice-cream and it was delicious! (Manisha)

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of ‘Merlin’ as it was sensible, but fun with lots of hilarious actions, like Merlin’s stick. The characters were really interesting and Merlin being clumsy was really funny. (Tom)

The atmosphere was really cool. There was a lot of smoke and noises, like fizzle, bang and pop. I really enjoyed the play! (Sarah)

I liked the eye-catching scenery. The acting was outstanding and the costumes were great. There were thousands of children watching the play! (Lewis)

‘Merlin’ was amazing! The atmosphere was as thrilling as a rollercoaster ride! The set was jaw-dropping and looked genuine. (Ali)

I’m very glad that we were all sat together. Father Michael gave us all sweets at the interal and I thought that was thoughtful and I appreciated that. (Kai)