Minutes of the PTA Meeting 1st November 2018

St. Mary’s Parent Teacher Association

Minutes of the PTA Meeting 1st November 2018


Attendees:                                               Apologies:

Benedicte Smith (Vice-Chair)                         Jennifer Ingram (Chair)

Charlotte Parker (Vice-Chair)                         Sam Townend

Sarah Spincer  (Secretary)                            Judith Saunders

Steve Jennings (Treasurer)                           Heidi Mbulo

Mrs Charlemagne                                        Trudie Young

Alison Dobell                                              Mrs Blake

Sara Henry

Pritti Aggarwal

Zainab Ibrahim


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


  1. Actions Outstanding

Mrs Charlemagne has arranged to buy a Pay As You Go unit for the use of Pin operating payments in the Uniform Shop.

NON-Uniform Day – 16th November (Whole School):

This is in preparation for the Founders Fireworks the following week:

Seniors to bring in box to chocolates

Prep to bring in a bottle  (Please make sure it is within the used by date)

An Upcycle Jam Jar Tombola (filled with wrapped sweets) will be provided by the prep children on their Non Uniform Day on Friday 16th November.

Benedicte Smith will get a letter out informing of Non Uniform Day.

All provisions to be stored in Uniform shop on Friday 16th so that they can be sorted.

  1. Founder’s Fireworks – 24th November

Jennifer has arranged with Make it Magic company to provide the fireworks – cost has been agreed as £750 inc VAT & delivery, but need to speak to Mike Allen to arrange setting them off – Sarah will call him.

The evening will begin at 6pm in the Dining Room – large array of stalls and things to do for the family.  Tickets will be £4 adult & £2.50 Children – available at Reception.


  • Charlotte Parker will organise Year 6 to do games in the middle of the Dining Room during the evening.
  • James is on board for providing food for the evening.
  • Steve Jennings to check on insurance and send current policy to Mrs Charlemagne asap.
  • Sarah will inform the airport
  • John will check on the exterior lighting
  • Need to check poss availability of generators for lighting outside.
  • Mrs Charlemage will speak to Year 11 and decided if they are available to help with the stalls during the evening.
  • Zainab to buy sweets etc and get a list of what is needed for Bookers.
  • Charlotte Parker will ask Sarah Adamson re Fire Marshall & First Aid Officer.
  • Charlotte will ask Kirsten re Poster & Tickets.
  • A letter to neighbours to be drafted.
  • Sarah to buy children’s novelty glowsticks etc.

Events & Stalls in the Dining Room:

Mrs Charlemagne will ask Father Michael if he could arrange for a Founders Board:  This would give a clear display of why Founders Day is celebrated every year in the school.  It was agreed that Father Michael has such an in depth knowledge of Founders – that it would be a good display at the entrance.

Toffee Apple & Hot Choc

Poss Pop Corn Machine

Bottle Stall

Jam-Jar Tombola

Nerf Stall`

Tin Can Alley

Guess the Baby Faced Teacher – TBC

Guess Lego in a jar

Craft – Design a Firework (3 Prizes)

Cake Stall – Check with Jennifer

Doughnut stall

Tub lucky Dip

Merchandise Stall

Glow stick & Novelties stall, torches

Bar/teas & Coffees

Year 6 tables (x16)

Music – TBC Charlotte to Ask Nancy

Pritti to ask Judith about face painting/ glow paints

  1. Christmas Disco will be on Tuesday 18th December


  1. Finances:


Oct 18 Closing Current Balance A/C                         £14,013.66

Oct 18 Closing Deposit A/C Balance                         £      462.59

Oct 18 Paypal Balance                                           £      236.99

School Account                                                    £      709.46

Uniform Shop Cash                                               £      100.00

Petty Cash                                                          £      227.48

Outstanding cheques                                            £   – 714.30


TOTAL BANK BALANCE:                                         £15,035.88


  1. 200 Club: October:                         November:

1st:  Father Michael                    1st: M.S.Smith

2nd:  Tom Olding                       2nd: M. Craig

3rd:  John Keenan                      3rd: W. Wallis

  1. Any other Business

Uniform Shop – Alison mentioned that she was grateful to Sam Townend for offering to help with the paperwork – It was much appreciated and Alison & Sara will be liaising with Sam about this.

Alison is currently stocktaking.  Alison asked if people could wash the uniform & remove names before bringing in the shop to sell, as some items have not been sellable.

  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Thursday 6th December at 4pm in the Dining Room