Madagascar up-date (2)

The internet connections are predictably few and far between. However we have now travelled to the South of Madagascar through some spectacular scenery.The journey south from Antsirabe took us to Fianaratsoa, here the students stayed at the Lac Hotel, a beautiful setting.

madagascar 320

In the morning there was a visit to the local tea plantation at Sahambavy.

madagascar 357

We then headed further south to Isalo National Park, this is a protected area and students spent a full day walking, the beautiful Sandstone scenery was captured through many a camera lens.

madagascar 482

The walk took us on a descent into an evergreen forest, with an opportunity for students to bathe in a plunge pool at the base of a waterfall and see Red fronted Brown Lemurs around their dinning table!

madagascar 460

Following this 8 hour hike we returned to the Ranch Hotel, passing through a swarm of locusts,much to the students delight. The swarms were massive and first appeared as ‘red clouds’ on the horizon! The local residents burnt fires to keep the locusts off the rice crops.

madagascar 487

The setting sun through the ‘window of Isalo’.

From Isalo we travelled south, to Toliary. En route we visited a sapphire mine and  rum distillary.