Lunchtime Concert – March 2017

Our monthly lunchtime concert showcased our student talent with an increasing number of students now performing and the standards getting higher every time.

This month’s lunchtime concert was yet another success!

The concert began with Emily Cooney in Y10 singing Mad World by Tears for Fears accompanied by Jaden King. The audience were engaged straight away with Emily’s lovely vocal tone and Jaden’s thoughtful accompaniment.

Piano performances by Momo Saito (Y7), Phoebe Barnes (Y7), Aryan Nandha (Y8) and Zhuoran Yao (Y8) were all of high quality and complexity with both performance from Phoebe and Momo at Grade 5 and above! Aryan, mostly self taught, played a more contemporary song cover and the variety was appreciated by the audience. Zhuoran finished the concert with a beautiful and accurate performance full of expression and dynamic control.

Jacob Joyce (Y9) performed for the first time this year with Hotel California by the Eagles. He accompanied his vocals on guitar and we are all so impressed with the progress Jacob has made in such a short time!

Further vocal performances came from Ellie Smith (Y7) and Inas Kassim (Y7) who gave a very well structured performance of Rixton’s Me and my Broken Heart. Their voices work so well together, particularly in harmony! The accompaniment was played by Ellie on guitar and included a variety of guitar techniques and styles, well done both!

Bronwyn James (Y8) gave an extremely powerful performance of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. Bronwyn sang with passion and maturity and I could see many audience members mouthing along, a great choice Bronwyn!

Well done to all, you make us very proud!