Letter from Brother Francis


15th January 2010

Dear Parents

We have had a start-stop opening to 2010 and to the new school term with the snow experience  dictating matters for us at the top of Midanbury. Your excellent cooperation in using the one way system for entering and leaving the grounds greatly helped the smooth flow of traffic during these snow days.

You are invited to a Parents’ Information Evening on Wednesday 27th January at 7.30pm in the College Dining Room. There will be a presentation on Internet Safety and Cyber bullying, led by Mrs L White of Hampshire Police. Light refreshments will be provided on arrival.

Yesterday the Summer 2009 GCSE results were made public. It was pleasing to see St Mary’s at the head of Southampton schools for ‘grade point average’, indicating the breadth of subjects we offer. In the whole of Hampshire St Mary’s was second. This is good information to help recruitment  and we hope  Year 11 this year will maintain these levels. Please see SMC-CH blog.(www.stmaryscollege.co.uk/blog)

Year 11 will be going to Sénégal at Easter to work and exchange with Brothers’ schools and with others. Fund raising  efforts this term will go towards the Sénégal venture at Easter. I would ask you to remember the people of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Brothers have several schools here and the little information available indicates that up to five of our schools have been badly damaged by the earthquake and we know very little yet of pupils, Brothers and teachers in what is the  poorest area in the western hemisphere. We do know that two Brothers have died in the earthquake and two more are very seriously injured.. Your prayers would be a great consolation for the people of Haiti, especially in  Port-au-Prince.

May this year 2010 be rewarding for all in the many directions and experiences that make up our lives.

 Bro Francis

 P.S. Snow Days. We will be returning to normal standards for uniform and footwear on Monday, 18th January. Your support to enforce high standards is greatly appreciated.

Information will continue to be displayed on the St Mary’s-Charlton Blog, as will this letter. Please continue to consult this as we noticed how effective the blog has been to keep you all informed quickly.