The High Court of St Mary’s

Saint Mary’s was the venue for a very important COURT CASE today. It had to decide ‘Should Christmas be Abolished?

The Hon. James Hall, Q.C. was the judge with Sir Alex Lopez, Q.C. prosecuting and Lord Christopher Lonnon, Q.C. defending. Mr. Fraser Craig ensured all correct procedures were followed.
Sir Alex maintained that the way we celebrated Christmas no longer conveyed its real meaning. It was an insult to Jesus, the founder of our religion. Lord Lonnon argued that although he agreed that our manner of celebrating this great feast left a lot, to be desired, it must be re­tained.
Among those called to give evidence for or against were retired Mr.Andrew Briggs; a parent of a pupils from St. Mary’s, Mr. Aressi Rahman; Mrs Annie Ramkumar and Mrs. Alice Lawton housewives with young families; and two students, Aman Patel and San Nam.
It proved too difficult a task for the Jury of nine men and three women (known as ‘Form Eleven’) to decide; so, with the Christmas break due within a few days, Judge Hall adjourned the sitting and asked for a recall on Thursday 12th. January at 9am. when everyone is welcome to attend. (This January sitting will be known as ‘The New Year Mass’)