German Exchange 2009

This was St Mary’s College’s first German Exchange visit with the Landkreis Hildesheim and it looks set to be the start of an enduring and happy Anglo-German relationship.  The 17 student participants returned safely to England at the end of May with many a tale of how much they had enjoyed their time with their host family and on the many organised visits.  For most the trip to Heide Park Theme Park was the best part of the Exchange, for others the trip to Autostadt, home of Volkswagen, where students got a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour of the robotic production line and an up-close look at some of their showcase cars, such as the amazing Bugatti pictured below.   Friendships were forged and tears were inevitably shed as goodbyes were exchanged.  However, the goodbyes were really just auf Wiedersehens, as the German group is with us at St Mary’s at the end of June.The Group