French GCSE Bank Holiday Revision

FRENCH Bank Holiday Revision

Having focused on Reading past paper questions this week, we will be working on a Listening past paper next week (as well as continuing vocabulary revision).

Over the weekend year 11 have been given a sample listening paper to work through, together with a mark scheme.

Please find attached the listening recording to accompany the sample listening paper. (Foundation or Higher)

Students should be continuing to use the revision guide, as we have been doing in lessons, to revise vocabulary.  A summary of the words to concentrate on are on pages 105-120.  Also, the vocabulary pages at the end of the each module in Expo 4 are useful.  Over the past half term we have been revising vocabulary on a variety of topics, particularly Education and Work, Customer Services and Out and About.  I suggest that this weekend students make sure they have also revised as many words as possible from the topic of Personal Information, also numbers, days of the week, and alphabet.

Miss. Turvey