Enterprise Week at Charlton House

Charlton House pupils swapped the classroom for the boardroom during the school’s first ever Enterprise week.  Using the Parable of the Talents as a stimulus, each child was given £1 and challenged with setting up their own mini-business. The children were given the task of thinking of every detail, from business ideas to the running costs. They chose a product or service to provide during fun day, carrying out customer research and creating a financial plan. After securing a loan from the bank of Mrs Owen the business process began!

The products and services were as varied and exciting as ever, ranging from Mexican Jellies to friendship bracelets and hand puppets. Children clearly put a great deal of effort into producing work which others would want to buy. They also had to market their products through posters, leaflets, a ‘Dragons Den’ style presentation and a TV advert which was recorded on the school’s camcorder.

Enterprise Week had several purposes: to teach children about money and running a business, to teach teamwork, to create a real purpose for Fun Day, and last but not least to have fun. We are very grateful to local businesses and charities including Tesco, Cafod and Spencer Wright from PVC Building Supplies who supported the school and the children throughout the project. We have included some of the week’s highlights below and we ask all parents to support the children’s businesses during Fun Day.

Our Trip to Tesco

Yr 3 Tesco (39)

Yr 3 Tesco (58)

Creating the Perfect Puppet

Year 2 (5)

Year 2 (2)

Dragons Den: Presenting our Business Plans

Yr.5 (9)

Yr.5 (12)

Cafod’s Fair Trade Workshop

100_0002 (1)

Mr. Wright’s Business Presentation

Yrs 4, 5 Enterprise Wright (4)