Encore une fois, la Parisienne était fantastique

La Parisienne 2

On Tuesday 28th, Madame Raymont organised an evening at La Parisienne in Romsey for Year 8. This gave them the opportunity to experience authentic French food and the ambiance of a proper French café The group, led by Madame Raymont and accompanied by Madame Adam, Father Michael and Brother Francis, enjoyed a warm welcome. Students were treated to a set menu of escargots (snails), paté, quiche and croque monsieur. And that was just the starter! The main course of poulet (chicken), steak haché, saumon (salmon) and frites was enjoyed by all, with Madame Raymont and Madame Adam taking advantage of every opportunity to teach the students some useful vocabulary! Thinking they had finished, some of the students started heading for the door, only to discover that the desserts of mousse au chocolat and crème brulée were being brought out! It was a delightful evening, enjoyed by staff and students alike and the menu at this little corner of France in Romsey was superb. Many thanks to Madame Raymont for running this event.