We have welcomed coaches from Solent University in to our school again, this time to teach us Dodgeball! Children from years 3-6 have been invited to improve their throwing, aiming and catching skills playing this popular game. For those of you who have never played before, the main aim is to dodge a ball that the opposing team is trying to throw at you! If the ball makes contact below your waist/ neck (different versions can be used) then you are out. You have to leave the court until one of your team members catches the ball without it touching the ground, at which point you return to court. Dodgeball is a fast, energetic game, very popular at Charlton and the children are thoroughly enjoying the club. We are most grateful to Solent University for supplying the coaches free of charge and will continue to use their services as often as they are offered. There are usually only 16 places available, so a speedy reply to any e-mail sent is necessary to secure a place.