Classics trip to Fishbourne Palace


On Friday, October 19th, the Year 11 Classics students went on a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace as part of their course on Roman Britain. The remains of the palace are amongst the best preserved examples of a Roman villa in this country. The students were able to examine the North Wing, with its preserved mosaics and under floor hypocaust heating system, as well as the gardens. They were astonished to learn exactly how many plants were introduced into Britain by the Romans.

Following a very enjoyable lunch, the students attended a workshop designed to help them learn about the everyday lives of the peoples who lived in the palace. Led by a member of the palace staff, the students were able to handle and examine a number of artefacts found on the site, and discuss what they revealed about Fishbourne Palace and its inhabitants. They also had a go at spinning wool, and a chance to see how the upper class Romano-British would have looked, as Jack and Anna volunteered to dress up in the toga and stola which were the formal clothes worn at the time. This brought to an end the trip which had been both enjoyable and useful in learning about the palace and its inhabitants.