Some of our students who are taking part in the college production of Bugsy Malone went along to Itchen College yesterday to see their dress rehearsal of ‘Chicago’. We were made very welcome by staff and students alike and it was a real eye-opener to see such a lively and entertaining performance. I am sure that audiences later this week will very much enjoy seeing such a show of talent and enthusiasm!

Student Reviews:

I very much enjoyed watching the theatrical performance of Chicago at Itchen College. The acting was superb and very enjoyable. It was also very helpful because it helped those who came learn how to improve our skills for the upcoming SMC school play of Bugsy Malone and for the future. Being part of sound for the SMC school play allowed me to go and sit with the sound crew from Itchen College. It was interesting to see their use of initiative in using an Ipad to control some key mechanics. I also found how the 2 man team handled the pressure and complexities – very impressive! They had a very varied list of noises they had to apply at key times in the performance, and the way they handled the situation was very professional. All in all, a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience!

Ben Davies – Form 10

I would say as a character in our school production this year, going to watch Itchen College’s production was very helpful indeed. Itchen College’s production of Chicago was truly inspirational and very entertaining. It was very helpful because it enabled my friends who accompanied me today to extract key points from Itchen’s performance and put into action into our performances in the future to improve our production both through acting and technically. Nevertheless, it was very entertaining and very good of Itchen College to invite us and show their hospitality towards us.  So I would like to thank them on behalf of my school for allowing us to do so.

Hardev Bhakar – Form 10a