‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

 SMC staged yet another very successful whole school production last week. A dramatisation of the famous Roald Dahl story – ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ proved to be a lively, entertaining show, enjoyed by the cast and audience alike. Spoilt, selfish youngsters were taught life lessons by the hilarious, yet sinister Oompaloompas, whilst the worthy Charlie Bucket shone through to win the prize of becoming the owner of Willie Wonka’s wonderful chocolate factory.

Many thanks go to cast and crew who worked hard over the past months to put on a production of the usual professional standard expected by our audiences. Thanks also to our amazing costume designers, Mrs Ingram and Mrs O’Donovan, who surely went over and above the call of duty to produce such interesting and colourful outfits. Thank you to our artistic make-up ladies – Mrs Vanderveldt, Mrs Gallagher and Ms McGarigle. Oompaloompas would surely like to thank Mrs Long for her time given to rehearsing their entertaining dance routine.

Finally, special thanks to the best Sunday Morning Clear Up Crew ever! Too many of you to mention here, but Dr K and Mrs Hyde are very, very grateful! This year we had parents and even a student who was not even involved in the production – dedication indeed!