Cake sale for HOPE

Well done to Phoebe Barnes and the Form 7a team that ran a great fundraising event this week.  The Year 7s baked to success and offered a great selection of homemade goods.  Mrs Owen also very kindly made a selection of homemade soups for the event.

In total, they raised a whooping £173.77 that will go towards the Hope Now summer camp project.  Phoebe will be travelling to the Ukraine this summer to spend time at the Hope Now summer camp which will be supporting children who are suffering the effects of poverty.  Hope Now also support Ukrainian orphans, the elderly and help families who struggle to pay for life changing medical care.

We are very proud of all the fundraising events that our students have run this year.  They are an incredibly motivated and kind hearted community and we are always very proud of the effort and organisation that they put into these types of activities.