Benefits of a through school – Part 2

One of the benefits of an all-through school is that our Prep children can make full use of the facilities in the Senior school. The CREATIVE ARTS CENTRE is but one example. Here our Year Two pupils are exploring rangoli patterns.

Mr. Falvey first produced a booklet containing a number of patterns to be coloured in using felt tip pens of different thicknesses.

Later he inspired the class with a video example of how a pattern can be produced using different mediums. In small groups, over two sessions, the youngsters began decorating patterns created by Mr. Falvey, using a variety of colourful pulses.

First we see the bare outline then the glue, eventually the patterns begin to take shape as colour and texture form regular patterns.

Finally the finished article. Mr. Falvey was most impressed by the way some groups worked together and the careful way they produced their work of art.