Battle of the Bands

The following report is by Fahad Siddiqui and Fionn O’ Donovan- year 10

For us, Battle of the Bands 09 has been the best school function we’ve ever been to. The atmosphere was incredible. Lots of people turned up; there were bands from Romsey, Woolston, St George’s, St Anne’s and obviously St Mary’s. A ridiculous number of bands played (9), so the event went on late into the night.  Only 4 bands were actually from St Mary’s. Our band, which is called Sonic Ambulance, has played several gigs (including at the famous venue the Joiners!), but this one was definitely the best. After a long while our band went on (we were playing 2nd to last). The crowd was amazing and we played as well as we could. In the end we came equal first with a band from Woolston; it seemed we weren’t overly penalized for the stage dive and the extra song we played! We’re all really pleased with and look forward to the prize, which is a day in a recording studio at Solent University.