From the Archive Vaults – 1992 Mock General Election

From the Archive Vaults – 1992 Mock General Election


On the 30th March a mock General Election was held, the voting taking place in the College library. Many students from the College were involved in producing leaflets and other advertising literature for each of the four parties: Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat.

The idea of conducting a mock General election came from Mr. Sims and Mr. Cooper who decided to enter the school, with thousands of others, in the mock election held by the BBC Newsround  programme.
The election campaign from each party started early, and after receiving the national prospectuses from each of their respective parties, the four candidates and agents produced many posters and vast quantities of leaflets and other literature.
The four candidates and their agents for each party were as follows:
Conservative: candidate – Tom Bonehill L6 agent – Chris Lowe U6
Green: candidate – Chris Day U6 agent Antony Douglas U6
Labour candidate Lesley Grimes U6 agent Simon White – U6
Liberal Democrat Richard Bird   U6 agent Andrew Spencer – U6

The Conservatives, led by Tom Bonehill and Chris Lowe, organised three meetings with Andrew Kennedy, the agent to the Conservative candidate (Christopher Chope) for the Southampton Itchen constituency, who lost his seal marginally to the Labour candidate in the election on April 9th.
The day before the mock election, the College’s Liberal Democrat team invited people to a “Question Time” so that students could have the opportunity to understand more fully the ideas which the Liberal Democrats had to offer. This was chaired and conducted by the candidate, Richard Bird, together with Andrew Spencer and Yiu-Chuyn Wong. A large number of students turned up to the meeting which was supervised by Mr. Sims and Mr. Jamieson, including a number of students from the lower school, such as Geoffrey Cooper (2nd year) and Max Withington (5th year).
The Conservative team, led by its candidate and agent, were present at the “Question Tune” and had prepared many testing questions which were fully and coherently answered by Richard Bird, the Liberal Democrat candidate. Some questions were also posed by the Green Party candidate and agent.
Many students helped in each of the four separate campaigns, perhaps most notably sixth formers such as Simon Sharp, Ben Thomas. Piers Flavin, Yiu-Chuyn Wong, Andrew Spencer, Antony Douglas, Chris Lowe and Simon White. However, most of the campaigning could have been said to be in accordance with the “Marquis of Queensbury” rules.
After the final last-minute campaigning by the parties, all students were asked to vote in the College library, where a very high turn out of over 80% was recorded, compared to a little under 80% in the actual General Election on April 9th. This was controlled by Mr. Cooper.


The Conservatives won a clear and unchallengeable victory with nearly 60% of the vote, with the Greens coming second, closely followed by the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

The percentage results were:






This was very different from both the BBC Newsround overall percentage and the final result of the General Election on April 9th (shown below). At least we predicted the correct result for the real winning party, which is more than can be said for the national and regional opinion polls!


The results of the general Election on April 9th were:


GREEN (others)   3%




Andrew Lowe (Form 4)